Based on the prestige and infrastructural capacities of Ludovika - University of Public Service, the Institute for Strategic Studies aims towards facilitating high level training and networking of university students and young professionals who wish to achieve leading positions in the Hungarian administration, the Hungarian communities abroad, the countries of Central Europe (with special regard to the Visegrád Group), and within European institutions in the future.

Our key objectives are not only to adjust trainings to the real needs of public administration and to strengthen national and regional commitment as well as faith in the importance of public service, but to also open a horizon for young professionals through showing ways of lobbying for national interest in an international environment defined by modern means of communication.

In order to meet these aims and objectives, the Institute for Strategic Studies ensures effectiveness of the present system of talent care within the University of Public Service, develops its international relations with other leading academic institutions, and establishes contacts with universities in the region in order to develop a network of young V4 experts committed to regional cooperation. Furthermore, the ISS is building contacts with leading Western European institutions to facilitate the successful cooperation of the University of Public Service in a European Union framework.

Our fields of activities:

College of Visegrád+

Talent care and colleges of advanced studies

Talent care of students studying in Hungarian at partner universities in the neighbouring countries

Governance and management masters’ degree